What do you get with Analytics by Deezer?
All your statistics in one app
Analytics by Deezer
Analytics by Deezer

Who can use this app?

In order to use the app, you'll need to have at least one podcast published on Deezer.

How do I claim access to my podcast data?

You will first have to create an account on Analytics by Deezer. After this step is completed, you can then claim access to your podcast. An email will be sent to you for validation. You'll then have access to up to 5 years of data.

Can I give someone else access to my podcast's data?

Yes, the process is the same, however, you will receive an email requesting access to your podcast from someone else.

How do I submit my podcast on Deezer?

In order to publish a podcast on Deezer, you’ll need to use a podcast hosting service or create a website that generates a feed that meets our requirements. If you don’t have a feed yet, we have a list of recommended third-party hosts/aggregators to help you submit your show in one click. For more information on this process, click here.

Any other questions?

Check out our Support article to see the metrics glossary, features introduction and more FAQs.

How many podcasts can I access?

You can access all your podcasts on the app, however this can only be done one at a time. If you have more than 50 podcasts, don't hesitate to reach us at analytics-app@deezer.com for help.

Analytics by Deezer
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All of your data in your pocket

This app offers a completely free experience and access to all the analytics you need in one mobile app.

Reliable statistics

Access accurate statistics that can be used to help you grow your performance with Deezer analytics.

Performance overview

Get an overview of your performances, split by music, podcast and episode. Track your audience trends over time, and episode completion rate.

Audience demographics

Go behind the scenes and find out who's listening. Learn more about your audience, including their gender and age, to help you create a targeted content strategy. 

Social sharing options

Whether it's key statistics or personal goals reached, share your achievements with your community and keep them engaged in your journey.

Analytics by Deezer
Get closer to your audience

Analytics by Deezer is a free analytical app for musicians, managers and podcasters. It provides insight into how your music and podcasts perform over time to help you grow your audience. 

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Deezer Backstage
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Who can use this app?

The app is open to any artists and managers who have at least one track on Deezer.

How do I sign in?

If you're an existing Backstage user, simply sign in with your artist credentials. For new users, get your credentials on Backstage by following these instructions.

What data can I expect from Analytics by Deezer?

The app provides you with an instant overview of how your tracks perform, making it that much easier to monitor your releases. You can also see your audience statistics to find out who is listening when and how frequently, and you can share highlights and milestones with your community.

Can I change my profile picture?

It's not possible to change your profile picture on the mobile app, but you can do it through the Backstage website. Simply log into your account to do so.

Any other questions?

Check out our Support article to see the metrics glossary, features introduction and more FAQs.

Can multiple users access the same artist account?

Not on the mobile app. But to change these settings, log into your account on the Backstage website and modify the user access.

Analytics by Deezer is a beta app, therefore content is subject to change.